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CULANTH 470S - 01: Research in Human Rights: Getting Started

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Finding Background Information: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Why use an encyclopedia? The Duke University Libraries provide access to hundreds of subject-specific encyclopedias, containing articles written by experts. Encyclopedias can be excellent resources for providing overviews, brainstorming topics, and identifying keywords to use searches.

 Online Reference Collections

ABC-CLIO ebook Collection, formerly History Reference Online, is an online collection of hundreds of history reference titles published by ABC-Clio. This is a fantastic resource, which can be browsed by subject categories or full-text searched by keyword. 

Blackwell Reference Online is an online collection of the well regarded Blackwell companions.  You can browse by subject, search the entire collection, or search within a specific work.

Specific Titles of Interest: Print and Online

Encyclopedia of Human Rights (Online)

The Human Rights Encyclopedia (Print)

Encyclopedia of Human Rights in the United States (Online)

Encyclopedia of War Crimes and Genocide (Online)









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