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CHEM 301L: Physical Chemistry Lab

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

  • Search by property type or chemical name.
  • Information is provided in page view and/or interactive tables.
  • "View full document" explains the contents of the table and the units of measurement.
  • Export and/or graph data in the interactive tables and then download.

International Critical Tables

  • All 7 volumes are searchable.
  • Select Volume 5 for the table of Heats of Solution for many substances including carbohydrates.
  • View text for the interactive tables.
  • "Search within the book" for a table titled Absorption Spectra of Dyes.

NIST Chemistry Web Book

  • Multiple search options.
  • CAS numbers are a good way to start.
  • Can select type of data you want.
  • Includes references to primary research.


  • Search results are separated into substances and documents.
  • Use the Query builder to search physical properties.
  • Physical data is linked from substance results.
  • Provides citations to original research.


  • Search by keyword, structure, substance, or reaction.
  • Substance Identifier search links to Key Physical Properties.
  • Refine by Property Value after searching by Chemical Structure.
  • Select Property search to find compounds with specific parameters.

Web of Science

  • Search by keywords.
  • Multidisciplinary database.
  • Searching top science journals (~8000) from 1900-present.
  • Use the Cited Reference Search to view cited and citing literature.

Other resources

Keyword suggestions

Some suggested keywords when searching by topic:

  • entropy
  • thermochemistry
  • atmospheric thermodynamics
  • specific heat
  • thermoelectricity
  • physical biochemistry
  • statistical mechanics
  • chemical equilibrium