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CHEM 301L: Physical Chemistry Lab

ACS Citation Example

Diagram of a Journal Article Citation. The example citation here lists the following components, in the correct order for a citation: author, article title, journal title, date, volume, issue, and page numbers.

From:  UCLA Library

ACS Quick Style Guide

The ACS citation format is detailed in the open access section 4.3.3 of the ACS Quick Style Guide

This is part of The ACS Guide to Scholarly Communications.  Please note that the entire guide requires a subscription which Duke does not have at this time.  

For additional information, see the ACS Style Guide examples from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

What needs to be cited?

  • Quoted information
  • Paraphrased information
  • Results
  • Images
  • Materials & Methods
  • Anything that is not your original research or ideas

Read more about avoiding plagiarism and why citing your source matters.