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Writing 101: Ethics of Art: Getting Started

Defining the Terms

ethic, n. and adj.

a. The branch of knowledge or study dealing with moral principles;

b. A system or set of moral principles; (in weaker sense) a set of social or personal values.

Frequently with modifying word. business, Protestant, Puritan, samurai, success, work ethic, etc.: see the first element.

ethic, n. and adj.". OED Online. September 2021. Oxford University Press. (accessed September 21, 2021).

Library of Congress Subject Headings: Examples

Citation Tools

Citation tools allow you to save and organize your research. They also let you create formatted bibliographies.


Downloadable as a standalone program or a Firefox extension, Zotero is designed to store content in any format, including PDFs, images, audio and video files, and snapshots of web pages. Zotero operates with thousands of sites, and automatically indexes your library for ease of access.

Downloadable as a standalone program from OIT, EndNote is a powerful citation tool for organizing your research and creating formatted citations. In addition to the standalone option, you can create an EndNote Web account.


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A personal citation library designed to directly import references from multiple databases. In Refworks you can organize and manage your citations, share them with colleagues, and format bibliographies.

Some Books and E books

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