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History 232K: Women in East Asia: Getting Started

General Interdisicplinary Databases

This list includes: an index of book chapters and journals on Asian Studies (BAS), several full-text indexes not limited to Asia (Academic One File - Proquest), two full-text periodical databases that complement each other (JSTOR does not include recent issues, while Project Muse does not have the backfile) and two sources about dissertations.

Recommended Subject Headings for Women in East Asia

  • Runaway wives --China.
  • Women --China --History.
  • Women --Legal status, laws, etc. --China --History.
  • Women --China --Social conditions.
  • Women --Japan.
  • Women --Japan --History.
  • Women --Korea --History.
  • Women --Japan --Mito-han.
  • Women --Education --Japan.
  • Sex role --Korea --History.
  • Sex role --Korea --History --20th century.
  • Feminism --Japan.
  • Feminism --Japan --History.
  • Women --Employment --Japan.
  • Women --Employment --Japan --History.
  • Marriage law --China.
  • Marriage --China --History.
  • Footbinding --China.
  • Families --China --History.
  • Kinship --China --History.
  • Comfort women --Korea --History.
  • Women missionaries --Korea --History.
  • Women in missionary work --Korea --History.
  • Family policy --China.
  • Family size --Government policy --China.
  • Birth control --Government policy --China.
  • Abortion --Government policy --China.
  • China --Population policy.
  • Law --China.
  • Law --China --Bibliography.
  • Law --China --History.
  • Law --China --History --20th century.
  • Law --China --Hong Kong.
  • Law reform --China.
  • Civil law --China --History.
  • Children --Government policy --China.
  • Medical policy --China.
  • Inheritance and succession --China --History.
  • Right of property --China --History.
  • China --Social policy.
  • Public welfare --China.
  • Poor --Government policy --China.
  • China --Cultural policy.
  • Literacy --Government policy --China --History.
  • China --History --Republic, 1912-1949 --Sources.
  • China --History --Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976 --Personal narratives.
  • China --Statistics.
  • East Asia --History.
  • East Asia --Civilization.
  • East Asia --Civilization --Confucian influences.
  • East Asia --Social conditions.
  • Confucianism.
  • Confucianism --Social aspects.
  • Korea --Civilization --Confucian influences.
  • Neo-Confucianism.
  • Neo-Confucianism --Korea.
  • Neo-Confucianism --Korea --History.

Key Journals

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