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WRITING 90SK: U.S. Academic Writing for EFL Students: Effective Posters

Why are Posters Important?

  • Posters are intriguing: they use graphics, pictures, charts to invite interest
  • Posters use few words but should get your idea across to your audience
  • Posters are designed so that they are easy to follow
  • Posters are a way to present a project to someone who will fund it

Common Errors

Common errors:

  • Make sure to include names, contact information and university logo or name.
  • Citation is needed for all elements but is sometimes done in the references at the end rather than in the text. Small citations also needed under maps, graphs, photos.
  • Limit the amount of text and make it large enough that someone could read the titles from 10 ft. away.
  • Title and subtitles should tell the story so someone can quickly get the main points.
  • Your oral presentation should be short – maybe only 1-2 minutes and should highlight key points.

Your Poster Should be Well-Designed

Printing Posters

This information is from the Medical Anthropology students from the first semester for a cheap way to print posters.  Evidently, you have to have a Taobao account to access the site:

No endorsement given for this site but it is just offered as an alternative.

Useful Websites

Useful websites about how to create an effective poster

Useful Tips

1.Practice a one-minute summary
2.Start with a question: “Would you like to hear about my proposed research?
3.Ask the person another question, such as “do you know why there are algal blooms in Lake Taihu?” (or a question related to your topic)
4.Tell them why the work is important
5.Ask if they have questions
6.Be sure to put your name and contact information on your poster