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Spanish 490: Travel, Spain and the Americas

A guide to Primary Sources at the Rubenstein Library


If you'd like to use any of the maps you saw during your visit to the Rubenstein Library follow the links below to the catalog and place your request. 


Cresques, Abraham. [Atlas Catalan de Charles V, 1375]. Barcelona, 1959. (Modern facsimile of 1375 manuscript map)
*A digitized version of the original Catalan Atlas is available from the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Leardo, Giovanni. [The Leardo Map of the World]. [New York, N.Y.: American Geographical Society, 1928.] (Modern facsimile of 1452 manuscript map)

Cosa, Juan de la. The Oldest Map of the New World. [New York]: American Heritage, 1957. (Modern facsimile of 1502 map)

Waldseemüller, Martin. Mapa universal de 1507: (primero con el nombre de América)Madrid: Carlos Sanz,1960. (Modern facsimile of 1507 map). 

Ptolemy. Liber geographiae... Venetiis, Per Iacobum Pentium de leucho, 1511.

Waldseemüller, Martin.Carta Marina de 1516Madrid: Carlos Sanz,1960. (Modern facsimile of 1516 map)

Ortelius, Abraham. Theatrvm Orbis Terrarum....  Antverpiae, apud Ant. Coppenium Diesth, 1574. 

Ortelius, Abraham.  Peruuiae avriferæ regionis typus. [S.l. : s.n., 1584?]. 

Ortelius, Abraham. Maris Pacifici... [St. Louis : s.n., 1950]. (Modern facsimile of 1589 map)