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Spanish 490: Travel, Spain and the Americas

A guide to Primary Sources at the Rubenstein Library

Doing Research at the Rubenstein

If you plan to visit the reading room in the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, you will need to register as a researcher. This allows you to:

  • Request materials ahead of your visit. Most of our collection is stored offsite and it takes us 2 business days to have them retrieved
  • Track the status of your requests
  • Use those materials on the day you visit

You’ll need to request any material you want to use before you come to do research, even what you saw in class. Do this by clicking on the green “Request” button in the catalog. Remember most of our collection is stored offsite and it will take 2 business days to retrieve it. Plan ahead! We’ll email you when the material you requested has arrived.

The first time you come to do research, a staff member will check your ID and take your picture to add to your researcher account.

Before you enter the reading room, we’ll ask you to lock up bags and purses, food and drink (including water bottles), and pens. You’re welcome to bring in your camera, cellphone (set to silent or vibrate), laptop (without its case), paper and pencils.