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Getting Started: First Things to Try

STRATEGIC GOOGLING > Start on the web.

  • Look at the website of the organization behind the invention of the device. The organization may provide links to: peer-reviewed studies, technology reports, news/press releases, and other helpful information describing the device and its development. Look for clues like: the device name (VERY useful), the people involved with work on the device (personnel), and any other specific details listed (what countries they’re working in, related devices, the global health domain of the project (ex. cancer screening)). Note: Information on the organization's website will be self-reported and may not answer all of your questions or be the most detailed and up-to-date source. 
  • Google the device and company names for other reliable organizations/sites that are talking about the device. 

 DUKE LIBRARY SEARCH > For a mix of news and peer-reviewed publications from scientific & industry sources, use the Duke Library search.

  • Search on the name of your device. Put quotes around anything that's a phrase (ex. "Pratt Pouch")
  • Search on the name of the organization/company
  • Search on the names of specific people involved
  • Search on broader keywords related to the device (ex. infant incubators)


  • Try some of the search engines recommended below (Pubmed, Nexis Uni, etc.)

Key Databases for Finding Articles

Biomedical News, Business, & Industry Resources

Technology Pathway