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This guide will answer basic questions about the current crisis in Ukraine; help students locate additional background information; and identify opportunities to get more involved.

Russian Position

  • The official Russian view on global news is provided by RT, the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel.  Search for "Ukraine."
  • Current Digest of the Russian Press (English)
    Selected newspaper articles from the Soviet and post-Soviet Russian press. 1949-present.
  • Russian Central Newspapers (Russian and English)
    Full-text versions of over 50 major Russian newspapers, published primarily in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation from 1980-present.
  • International Affairs: a Russian journal (English)
    Full-text, English-language edition of the official journal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Contributors include high-ranking diplomats as well as prominent Russian political analysts from government, academic and policy institutes.
  • Эхо Москвы (Russian)
    Ukraine coverage by Moscow-based radio station, which some observers describe as "the last bastion of free media in Russia."
  • Грани.Ру (Russian)
    Ukraine coverage by liberal, online, daily newspaper
  • Ежедневный журнал (Russian)
    Ukraine coverage by liberal journal, providing political commentary online since 2004.
  • Русский журнал (Russian)
    A selection of comments about Ukraine from Russian social media sites.

Ukraine Today

  • Ukraine Today
    Ukraine's first international TV news network, launched on "Ukrainian Independence Day" (24 August) in 2014.
    Ukrainian fact-checking site, launched on March 2, 2014, by alumni and students of Mohyla School of Journalism and of the Digital Future of Journalism professional program for journalists and editors.

Ukrainian Opposition

Courtesy: Historia Vivens

 "European Square" (Євромайдан) -- the supporters of Ukraine's bid for membership in the European Economic Union who toppled the government of the pro-Russian president of Ukraine -- provided the following list of  recommended web resources:

Western Reaction

Protest Art

The Kingdom of Darkness Is Surrendered forced police to see themselves reflected in the mirrors held by protesters.COURTESY CIVIL SECTOR OF MAIDANThe Kingdom of Darkness Is Surrendered (COURTESY CIVIL SECTOR OF MAIDAN)

  • Konstantin Akinsha and Alisa Lozhkina, "Icons on the Barricades: Incredible Ukrainian Protest Art," ARTnews (03/31/14)
  • FEMEN -- French-based feminist protest group (founded in Ukraine in 2008): Bodymessangers against Putin! (2014) Part 1; Part 2