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History 190S: A Global History of Domestic Violence and Spousal Murder: Getting Started


Finding appropriate research materials can be complex. This course guide site brings together a variety of resources available at Duke and online in order to facilitate your research. And if you get stuck, need a starting point, or just have a question, please don't hesitate to contact your course librarian, Danette Pachtner

For additional resources and help you might contact these library experts:
Holly Ackerman, Latin American Studies
Kelley Lawton, U.S. History
International research librararians

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias and other Reference sources are a great place to start for choosing and refining your topic

Murder cases of the twentieth century : biographies and bibliographies of 280 convicted or accused killers
Lilly Reference & Perkins/Bostock Reference

Encyclopedia of domestic violence
Perkins/Bostock Reference

Encyclopedia of interpersonal violence
Perkins/Bostock Reference

Encyclopedia of African American history, 1896 to the present : from the age of segregation to the twenty-first century
Lilly Reference & Perkins/Bostock Reference

Social Science Encyclopedia
Lilly Reference & Perkins/Bostock Reference
See entries on Incest, Violence, etc.

Social Issues in America: an Encyclopedia
Lilly Reference

Encyclopedia of Women’s Autobiography

Perkins/Bostock Reference

Encyclopedia of Women’s History in America
Lilly Reference & Perkins/Bostock Reference

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women’s Issues and Knowledge
Perkins/Bostock Reference

Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary Completing the Twentieth Century
Perkins/Bostock Library & Perkins, Lilly, Divinity and Special Collections Reference
Full text available in Credo Reference.

Women, a Modern Political Dictionary
Library Service Center

Women’s Studies Encyclopedia
Lilly and Perkins/Bostock Reference

Historical Dictionary of Feminism
Lilly Reference & Perkins/Bostock Reference

Online reference sources

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