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Guide to Collections Related to Pan American World Airways: JWT Collections: A-J

JWT Collections: A-J

J. Walter Thompson Company. 16mm Microfilm As-Broadcast Scripts, 1928-1958
This collection contains two microfilm reels from the early 1950s pertaining to Pan Am World Airways commercials for Latin American travel.

J. Walter Thompson Company. 16mm Microfilm Investigations, 1913-1950 and undated
This collection contains one reel documenting Pan Am's South American goodwill tour from 1941.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Account Files Collection, 1885-1987
Materials in this extensive colection pertaining to Pan Am span from 1950 to 1976. This collection includes printed materials, memorandum, advertising plans, and research reports. Box WF12 also includes photographs and sketches of the Pan American builiding.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Colin Dawkins Papers, 1776-1986
Colin Dawkins was a Vice President of JWT. The collection consists of Dawkin's reearch files, with the bulk of the collection spanning from 1920 to 1981. Materials in this collection pertaining to Pan Am are found in a single folder in Box 10 and include descriptions of various advertising campaigns and a statement by Ernest Hemingway written for Pan Am.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Dan Seymour Papers, 1951-1974
The Dan Seymour  Papers primarily document television and the management of client accounts. Boxes 20 and 42 contain materials pertaining to Pan Am from 1956-1964, including Review Board reports and documents, budget documents, and memorandum.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Domestic Advertisements Collection, 1875-2001
This extensive collection of print ads from JWT includes numerous boxes of Pan Am advertising from 1942-1974.  Materials include advertisements prepared for both domestic and international consumers. Specific advertisements include print ads for the introduction of jet passenger travel and cargo advertisements. In addition, copy scripts, photographs, typography and other design elements are present in many cases along with the finished advertisements. The collection also includes newspaper and magazine insertion schedules for some years.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Edward G. Wilson Papers, 1906-1991, bulk 1946-1971
The Edward G. Wilson papers focus primarily on correspondence, legal documents, office memoranda, and reports highlighting Wilson’s 40 year career as an executive at JWT. Materials pertaining to Pan Am are found in Box 24 and span the period 1962-1968. These documents include correspondence, financial reports, pamphlets, and advertisements. Of particular interest are memoranda regarding the TWA and Pan Am merger as well as international advertising documents, including Pan Am’s offices in Brazil, Japan, Russia, and Italy.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Frankfurt Office. Advertisements Collection, 1950-1991 and undated
This collection includes multiple boxes and folders of magazine and newspaper advertisements for the Pan Am German market. While some of these ads are in English, the majority are in German and span the period of 1955 to 1978. Topics include cargo services, in-flight services, pet services, various aircraft in the Pan Am fleet, holiday fare specials, US-German routes, and German-Asian routes.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Frankfurt Office. Denis Lanigan Papers, 1958-1964
This collection contains Pan Am materials including client lists, account personnel lists, and memoranda. Of particular interest are memos regarding the German travel market and  Pan Am marketing strategies in Europe.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Frankfurt Office. George Black Papers, 1968-1989
This collection documents Black’s tenure as Creative Department Head in the 1970s and as Chairman of JWT-Frankfurt from 1976 to 1988. The collection contains multiple folders pertaining to Pan Am from 1974 to 1976, including letters, articles about Pan Am ads, manager account notes, and notes regarding specific ads. Box 5 also contains detailed information regarding the effect of the Fair Competitive Practices Act on Pan Am’s business deals and advertisements, including letters to government officials and other materials.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Frankfurt Office. Peter Gilow Papers, 1960-1978
Peter Gilow was an advertising executive at JWT. Several boxes in this collection contain Pan Am materials from 1969 to 1978. Materials include memoranda regarding personnel information, advertising coordination across international offices, and budget documents. Box 9 contains specific information regarding the retention of the Pan Am account from 1971 to 1972. Some documents are in German.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Harry Clark Papers, 1945-1992 and undated
Harry Clark served as Director of the JWT Frankfurt office during the 1970s and as Director of JWT in New York from 1984-1986. The Pan Am materials in this collection are extensive and include multiple boxes.  The collection primarily includes memoranda, campaign planning documents, campaign texts, correspondence, meeting notes, and presentation documents. Many of the documents are in German.

J. Walter Thompson Company. Iconographic Collection, 1848-2005 and undated
Materials in this collection pertaining to Pan Am are primarily slides and negatives. Slides include international undated documents from various countries located in Europe, South America, and Asia. Photographs and negatives include group portraits and Pan Am aircraft from the 1950s and 1960s.

J. Walter Thompson Company. International Advertisements Collection, 1900-2004
This collection contains print advertisements for international markets. Materials include advertisements for Pan Am from 1954, 1968, and 1969 for markets in the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.

J. Walter Thompson Company. John F. Devine Papers, 1952-1974 and undated
John F. Devine served as administrator of the Radio/Television Department at JWT from 1954 to 1960 and then as a corporate executive in New York from 1960 to 1970. The collection contains two boxes with materials pertaining to Pan Am. These primarily include memorandum, budget documents, and advertising contracts from 1957-1967.

J. Walter Thompson Company. John F. Dignam Papers, 1958-2003 and undated
The John F. Dignam papers consist primarily of advertising proofs and materials created for clients when Dignam served as Art Director with JWT. The collection contains two boxes with Pan Am advertisements from 1970 to 1975 focusing on in-air services, specific destinations, and routes. This collection also includes one large box of oversized poster advertisements.