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Global Health - Arabic Section الصحة العالمية - عربي: Select Bibliography

Select Bibliography: Topics in Middle East Public Health

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E-book (Duke only)
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Online Version:
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Table of Contents: Health Systems: Towards Equity and Accountability: 27. Introduction: seeing the trees, not missing the forest / Samer Jabbour and Salman Rawaf; 28. Health system governance / Sameen Siddiqi and Samer Jabbour; 29. Health system financing: the bottleneck of the right to health / Balgacem Sabri, Driss Zine-Eddine El-Idrissi, and Awad Mataria; 30. The public health workforce and human resource for health / Fadi El-Jardali ... [et al.]; 31. Health care delivery: the missing links / Nabil M. Kronfol and Samer Jabbour; 32. Access to essential medicines: impediments and the way forward / Rana Khatib, Zafar Mirza, and Awad Mataria -- Section 7. Public Health and the Social Agenda: 33. Graduate education in public health: towards a multidisciplinary model / Huda Zurayk, Rita Giacaman, and Ahmed Mandil; 34. Participatory community interventions: a case study approach / Rima Afifi ... [et al.]; 35. Introduction: health and disease in the regional context / Cynthia Myntti and Rita Giacaman; 10. Nutrition and food security: the Arab World in transition / Abdulrahman O. Musaiger ... [et al.]; 11. Infectious diseases: the unfinished agenda and future needs / Rana A. Hajjeh, Maha Talaat. and Aisha O. Jumaan; 12. Non-communicable diseases-- I: burden and approaches to prevention / Ala Alwan, Nisreen Alwan, and Samer Jabbour; 13. Non-communicable diseases-- II: focus on cardiovascular diseases / Habiba Ben Romdhane, Abdullatif Husseini, and Samer Jabbour; 14. An overview of mental disorders / Elie G. Karam ... [et al.]; 15. Recognising omitted contexts and implicit paradigms: towards a valid mental health discourse / Ghena A. Ismail; 16. Injury epidemiology and prevention / Peter Barss -- Section 4. The Health of Population Groups: 17. Child health: caring for the future / Sherine Shawky ... [et al.]; 18. Reflections on the de-politicization of health and scholarship / Livia Wick; 36. Towards a regional perspective on health and human security / Omar Dewachi ... [et al.]; 37. Egypt in crisis: politics, health care, and social mobilization for health rights / Alaa Shukrallah and Mohamed Hassan Khalil; 38. Can action on health achieve political and social reform? / Samer Jabbour ... [et al.]. Section 1. The Context of Public Health: 1. Public health, the medical profession, and state building: a historical perspective / Elisabeth Longuenesse ... [et al.]; t2. The political, economic, and social context / Samer Jabbour ... [et al.]; 3. The demographic transitions: characteristics and public health implications / Dominique Tabutin and Bruno Schoumaker; 4. Environmental degradation: the challenge of sustaining life / Mey Jurdi, Rim Fayad, and Abbas El-Zein -- Section 2. The Social Determinants of Health: 5. Health inequities: social determinants and policy implications / Zeinab Khadr ... [et al.]; 6. Assets and health: towards a new framework / Marwan Khawaja, Mona Mowafi and Natalia Linos; 7. Gender disparities in health / Kathryn M. Yount; 8. Knowledge gaps: the agenda for research and action / Hoda Rashad and Zeinab Khadr -- Section 3. Health and Disease: A Focus on Avoidable Conditions: 9. The health of young people: challenges and opportunities / Rima Afifi ... [et al.]; 19. Women's health: progress and unaddressed issues / Jocelyn DeJong, Hyam Bashour, and Afamia Kaddour; 20. The older persons: from veneration to vulnerability? / Abla Mehio Sibai ... [et al.]; 21. The well-being of migrant women: between agency and restraint / Sawsan Abdulrahim and Ynesse Abdul Malak; 22. Workers health: a social framework beyond workplace hazards / Rima R. Habib, Fadi A. Fathallah, and Iman Nuwayhid -- Section 5. Public Health in War and Violent Conflict: 23. Conflict in health: meeting challenges to insecurity / Hani Mowafi and Rayana Bou-Haka; 24. Health status and health services in the occupied Palestinian territory / Rita Giacaman ... [et al.]; 25. Public health in crisis: Iraq / Salman Rawaf and David Rawaf; 26. Summer 2006 war on Lebanon: a lesson in community resilience / Iman Nuwayhid ... [et al.] -- Section 6.
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Sample Films

  • Ahlaam
    Presents the true stories of three Iraqi people who endured life in a psychiatric hospital in Baghdad during the Iraq War and then were in the streets after their hospital is decimated. The film was shot in Baghdad in 2004. The Iraqi filmmaker had a camera in one hand and an AK-47 in the other. His crew was beaten and lined up to be shot by insurgents, the 14-year old boom boy was shot in the leg, and someone from the cast was kidnapped. Somehow the footage survived.
  • Childhood in the Midst of Mines
    Film discusses the dangers to children of land mines.
  • My Country, My Country
    Documentary providing an intimate portrait of Iraqis living under U.S. occupation. The principal focus is Dr. Riyadh, an Iraqi medical doctor, father of six, and Sunni political candidate who is an outspoken critic of the occupation but passionate about the need to establish democracy in Iraq. As his waiting room is filled daily with patients suffering the physical and mental effects of ever-increasing violence, Dr. Riyadh struggles to understand the tragic contradiction of the U.S. occupation of Iraq and its project to spread democracy through the Middle East.
  • Planting of Girls
    Documentary about female circumcision in Egypt.
  • Voices from El-Sayed
    Documentary on the Bedouin town of El-Sayed, located in the Negev Desert of Israel. The town contains the largest percentage of deaf people in the world, in which a unique sign language has been developed, making it the most popular language in a rare society that accepts deafness as natural as life itself. El-Sayed is also an example of an "unrecognized village," neglected by the State and deprived of basic amenities such as electricity. The film focuses on Salim, father of the deaf little boy, Muhammad, who has come to the decision to dramatically change his son's fate via a cochlear implant operation. Salim's decision is evoking great conflict and threatening the village's tradition of coexistence between deaf and hearing. The film follows the one year long rehabilitation progress of Muhammad through the point of view of the deaf community of the village. The larger issue of discrimination against disabled people in a modern society is also brought to light by this film.
For more films and materials about Middle Eastern movies, see the Middle East Cinema guide

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Facsimile of Persian manuscript with translations and commentary in Turkish and English.
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