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PubPol 790.04: Global Value Chain Analysis: Social & Economic Context

Prof. Gereffi

Social/Economic/Policy Analysis


International Energy Agency:  The IEA public interface for generating statistics relating to energy. See also their publication Key World Energy Statistics.  The database SourceOECD contains the full datasets assembled by the IEA as well as IEA publications (such as Energy Technology Perspectives--Scenarios and Strategies to 2050).  In OECD iLibrary, click on the Statistics tab and find the link to the IEA databases on the sidebar.

U.S. Energy Information Administration: analysis and data for both the United States and the world.  Especially useful are the International Energy Outlooks published annually, the Monthly Energy Review,  and the Country Energy Profiles and Analysis Briefs

United Nations Environment Programme:  points to information on environmentally related activites of the United Nations.  Many publications are freely available, such as the World Energy Assessment.  Other UNEP publications may be found in AccessUN and UNEP data in UNdata as well as the Perkins/Bostock collection.  The Assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change document the state of the scientific consensus on global warming.  The sub-report on Mitigation should be especially useful.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Climate Research: analysis and policy on climate change issues

The European Commission maintains useful pages on Energy policy and Environmental policy, as does the European Environment Agency of the European Union.  See also the portal.

World Energy Council:  an array of information sources on world energy. Note especially: the Survey of Energy Resources

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Reports:  analyses of renewable energy published from the Worldwatch Institute

Statistical Review of World Energy:  a frequently cited web publication compiled by BP Global

Environmental Sciences: a multidisciplinary database for researching environmental science, technology and policy

Encyclopedia of Environment & Society (Sage Publications, 2007) a recent encyclopedia with articles treating the interaction of the environment, technology and society.  Entries for countries and regions.

Encyclopedia of Global Warming & Climate Change (Sage Publications, 2008) a current encyclopedia with articles examining the scientific, technological, social, and policy ramifications of climate change.   Entries for countries and regions.