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Japanese Studies Bibliographies: Bibliographies: Guides to translations, sources and scholarship

Japanese Studies Research Guide

Bibliographies for Western Language Books

Japanese History and Culture from Ancient to Modern Times - John W. Dower; Timothy S. George Perkins Ref: Z3306 .D694 1995
Excellent and fairly comprehensive selection organized by subject.
Japan - Shulman, Frank Joseph.
Perkins Ref: Z3301 S585 1990
Selective, annotated, and well-indexed. Organized by subject.

Japanese bibliographies

An Introductory Bibliography for Japanese Studies
EAC: DS806 .I57 1974
Review essays in the humanities (Part I) and the social sciences (Part II) in alternating years. While not cumulative, it's an excellent place to begin.
EAC: PL771 .N53 1994
This book provides 2-page descriptions of 178 diaries. Entries are not limited to literary diaries -- Hara Kei's and General Nogi's diaries are included. The diaries are arranged chronologically from ancient to the present, although women's diaries are considered a separate category. The introductory section has brief descriptions of commoner's diaries during the war, comparisons between diaries in the East and West, the psychology of diary writing, soldier's diaries from the Russo-Japanese war, postwar Japan through diaries and so on.
Tōyōgaku bunken ruimoku/Annual bibliography of Oriental studies/ 東洋学文献類目
Online version can be searched by author or title. Covers research on China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and South Asia publsihed in journals or books in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western languages. Includes book reviews. Author index.


Japanese Literature in Translation 
Compiled by the Japan Foundation, the database covers Japanese literary works translated into 66 different languages.
Premodern Japanese Texts and Translations (up to 1600) - [database]
Bibliography of translations from classical Japanese up to about 1600, including also works written in kanbun and Chinese, and items describing and Chinese, and items describing as "late Muromachi or early Kinsei." Created and maintained by Michael Watson at Meiji Gakuin University. In both English and Japanese.
Translations of Japanese Noh plays - [database]
Check-list of translations of Noh plays in alphabetical order. Includes all 253 plays in the current repertoire, together with bangai plays that have been translated. List maintained by Michael Watson at Meiji Gakuin University.

Premodern Japanese texts

Kokusho sōmokuroku/ 国書総目録
Call Number: EAC: DS806 .I57 1974
A union list of Japanese books, published before 1867. Includes 1.7 million titles in 500 libraries. The books are arranged in gojuon order by title, and the last volume has an author index.
Call Number: EAC: Z3301 .K828 1990
Includes 10,000 additional works. Includes notation about format: hand-copied (写), printed book (活), mimeographed material and facsimile (復), variant edition (異本).