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Japanese Studies Visual Resources: Guide for Non-Japanese Readers


The resources highlighted here will be more accessible to those who cannot read Japanese. While you won't be able to read the text, you'll find these resources to be usable in your classes or personal study because their captions include western dates.

The last note in each description indicates the calendrical systems used in the resources. For information on Japanese calendrical systems, refer to the note on the link, "About this Guide." 

These resources have been grouped into 4 categories: Single- & Multi-volume Resources, War-related Resources, Illustrated (non-photographic) Resources, and Periodical Resources.

*Image source: Russian cartoon lampooning the Japanese-US relationship after WWII; from Gahō gendaishi, v.1 p.17.,

Periodical Resources

Single- and Multi-Volume Resources

Illustrated (non-photographic) Resources

War-Related Resources