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Japanese Studies Visual Resources: Main Guide to Japanese Image Resources


This main section includes resources on Japan in general, on particular groups such as women and children, and on particular regions such as Okinawa and southeast Asia under Japanese colonial power. There are also collections of illustrated (non-photographic) resources, specifically manga (cartoons/comics)and hikifuda (advertising handbills).

The last note in each description indicates the calendrical systems used in the resources. For information on Japanese calendrical systems, refer to the note on the link, "About this Guide." 

These have been grouped into 5 categories: Single-volume Resources, Multi-volume Resources, War-related Resources, Illustrated (non-photographic) Resources, and Periodical Resources.

*Image source: Barefoot students on their way to school, 1946; from Gahō gendaishi, vol. 1, p. 201.

War-Related Resources

Periodical Resources

Single-Volume Resources

Multi-Volume Resources

Illustrated (non-photographic) Resources