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Japanese Studies Women's Studies: Journals


Current Periodicals

Call Number

Duke Holdings

Agora   あごら A275G 1993 - 2012
Danjo kyōdō sankaku hakusho   男女共同参画白書 HQ1761 .F85 1998 - present
Fujin Kōron  婦人公論 F961K 1992 - present
Gekkan josei jōhō   月間女性情報 G313J 1993 - present
Josei hakusho  女性白書 HQ1761.J674 2000 - present
Josei rōdō hakusho   女性労働白書 HD6197 .F89 1998 - present
Josei rōdō kenkyu   女性労働研究 J83R 1998 - present
Josei shigaku 女性史学  HQ1104 .J674 1996 - present
Joseigaku  女性学 HQ1181 .J3 J67 1994 - present
Joseigaku kenkyū  女性学研究 HQ1181 .J3J674 1992 - present
Joseigaku nenpō 女性学年報 HQ1104 .J67 1993 - present
Shin joseishi kenkyū   新女性史研究 HQ1761 .S55 1996 - present
U.S.-Japan women's journal 
U84A 1991 - present
Zen chihō gikai josei giin no genjō 全地方議会女性議員の現状 HQ1236.5.J3 Z46 1995,1999,2003

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