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Japanese Studies Popular Culture: Advertising

Resources at Duke

Helpful Links

Advertising Museum, Tokyo
Established by Yoshida Hideo, former president of Dentsu, a prominent advertising agency in Japan. Museum displays materials going back to 1600, has special exhibits, such as "Advertising in the Edo Era," and houses digital archives for researchers.  One exciting feature of the website is an interactive "AdBrowser" that uses the concepts of "Time," "Media," and "Industry" to organize advertisements in the collection; a few of the ads on the "AdBrowser" can be viewed online, but most are protected by copyright and may be viewed using the Museum's terminals only. Useful for finding images of ads from the Tokugawa through Taishō eras.

CM@NAVI (all Japanese links)
CM@NAVI provides both a public and a commercial service jointly produced by Senden Kaigi and Video Research. The public site offers weekly updates on new TV commercials and lots of basic data about the Japanese advertising industry. The commercial service provides access to not only masses of advertising statistics but, also, for example, frequency counts and analysis of the most frequently used words in TV commercial titles and narrations, broken down by part of speech and usage categories.