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Japanese Studies Popular Culture: Guides

Periodical Indexes

Web Oya bunkoWebOya indexes periodicals held by the Ōya Sōichi bunko, a private library in Tokyo with a comprehensive collection of popular journals reflecting popular culture in Japan. Coverage dates from the Meiji era (1895?). Also indexes advertisements.

Ōya Sōichi bunko zasshi kiji sakuin sōmokuroku:
13 vols.
- Jinmei hen
EA Ref: AI19.J3 O9 1985
- Kenmei hen
EA Ref: AI19.J3 O9 1985a
- Jinmei hen 1988-95
EA Ref: AI19.J3 O9 1997
The index to the premier collection of popular magazines. The 1985 edition indexes 48,180 people and 395,654 events published in 240,000 journals from the Meiji era to the end of 1984. There is a 50,000 word index to the subject index.

Guides to the Study of Popular Culture

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Matthew Hayes
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