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Japanese Studies History: Journals


Journal Title

Call Number

Duke Holdings

Chihōshi kenkyū C534 1951 - present
Daikōkai: Voyages into thought, literature and history D132K 1995-present; some issues missing
Hisutoria H673U 1992 - present
Josei shigaku HQ1104 .J674 1996 - present
Kagakushi kenkyū K11K 1966 - present
Keieishigaku K27K 1997 - present
Kikan Nihon shisō shi K46N 1976 - present
Mediashi kenkyū = Media History P92.J3 M36 1994 - present
Nihon rekishi N691R 1946 - present
Nihonshi kenkyū N691S 1946 - present
Rekishi chirigaku R381C 1992 - present
Rekishi hyōron R381 1946 - present
Rekishigaku kenkyū R381G 1933 - present
Shakai keizai shigaku S527I 1994 - present
Shakai rōdō kenkyū S527M 1992 - 2002
Shigaku S555G 1969/70 - present
Shigaku kenkyū S555K 1970 - present
Shigaku zasshi S555 1953 - present
Shirin S558 1916 - present
Tōhō gakuhō = Journal of Oriental Studies PL1008 .T63 1968 - present
Tōyō bunka kenkyūjo kiyo = Memoirs of the Institute of Oriental Culture DS509.3 .T695 1966-present; some issues missing
Tōyōshi kenkyū T756 1968-present; some issues missing