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Gustave Lanson

collection description


When Gustave Lanson was selling his library, he expressed his wish for all of his books to be purchased by one buyer. Duke University agreed to buy the set in its entirety and decided to somehow distinguish the collection while keeping it alongside the general collection. For this reason, the Duke University Library Lanson Collection bookplate was created along with a fleur-de-lis seal for either the spine or back of each book. A separate card catalog was also made for the Lanson Collection. In 1997, in conjunction with Duke University Libraries, Janell Watson, appointed by the Department of Romance Studies and under the supervision of Professor Jean-Jacques Thomas, began the process of digitally tagging Lanson Collection items in the catalog. This work was completed in 2008 and not without the participation of other faculty, librarians and students who receive acknowledgement on this page.


*Illustration from December 6, 1908 issue of Les Annales available in the Lanson Collection Pamphlets v. 165.

Team Lanson

Michèle Longino
Naomi Schor
Philip Stewart
Jean-Jacques Thomas
Albert M. Webb

Helene Baumann
Bob Byrd
Sam Hammond
Thomas Harkin
Beth Kenefick
Heidi Madden
B.E. Powell
Rosalyn Raeford
Louis Schulz

Laura Allen
Lauren Franklin Roper
Ricardo Huamán
Janell Watson


Francophone Digital Humanities Initiative 2014

Professor David Bell

Project Intern: Sarah Urdahl,  T16

 Francophone Digital Humanities