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Ciara Healy's Profile: Getting Started

This page will tell you a bit about Ciara Healy, librarian for Psychology and Neuroscience, liaison to the Duke Institute for Brain Studies, and librarian for Mathematics and Physics at Duke University.

Office Hours

Office Hours for Spring 2020

Mondays 2:00 to 3:45 pm

Tuesdays 9:45am to noon 

Thursdays 2:30 to 3:15 pm

Location: Soc/Psy Building room 021B (basement) 


What exactly am I doing?

"The Librarian for Psychology and Neuroscience and Liaison to the Duke institute for Brain Sciences actively engages with faculty, students, visiting scholars and staff in the department and across neuroscience-related fields, providing and promoting library resources and services that support their work. She provides specialized research assistance and instruction to library users and develops and manages the Libraries' collections in psychology and neuroscience."

In addition, I do similar work for the departments of Mathematics and Physics.

Breaking it down:

 - I have a budget to purchase resources for both teaching and research, in print or electronic formats.

 - I can find hard-to-find scholarship for you in print and electronic format, using my librarian skills.

 - I can teach you how to use the information that's "out there", for example I can show you how to calculate your h-index.

 - I offer library instruction for researchers at every level. I have instruction objectives! I can assess.

 - I can embed in Sakai to offer research instruction and support right in your courseware.

 - I can help you describe, store, and archive your data sets, and articles, if your author agreement allows for it.



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Ciara Healy
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