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Foreign Language Learning: Hindi & Urdu

Grammar Guides and Language Lessons

Transparent Language Online; (an online language instruction resource) (Duke Only)

A Door into Hindi Online Hindi lessons from North Carolina State University

Darvazah: A Door Into Urdu Online Urdu lessons from North Carolina State University

Virtual Hindi Hindi language learning materials from NYU, aimed at beginning to intermediate level learners

"Hamari Boli" Video interviews with native Hindi-Urdu speakers

Hindi Pronunciation Dictionary Audio clips of native speakers.

Hindustani stumbling-blocks  "Being difficult points in the syntax and idiom of Hindustani explained and exemplified"

Hindústáni as it ought to be spoken

Audio Sources: Radio, Television, & Film

BBC Hindi Service

Videos in Hindi at Duke University Libraries.

Hindi Writing Resources

Devanagari Script Tutor

Azhagi Free software allowing Hindi typing in all Unicode applications.

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November 6, 2019

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