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EDUC 101: Foundations of Education: Data & Metrics

General statistics

Data and Visualization Services at Duke
Duke's data collection, covering a wide range of topics, including K-12 social programs and educational expenditures

American Factfinder
Census Bureau's primary web source for Census data; also provides links to the American Community Survey and Population Estimates.

Roper Center
Preserves the data from polls conducted by many leading survey research organizations; includes iPOLL (organized at the question level, providing access to questions asked on national public opinion surveys from 1935 to the present) surveys.
Search to find reports produced by the government

Education statistics

National Center for Education Statistics

NCES: Postsecondary Surveys and Programs
Includes data reported annually by postsecondary/higher education institutions

Education Finance Statistics Center
Education finance information from NCES on public and private elementary/secondary education. Some downloadable data available in multiple formats as compressed archives (.zip).

National Forum on Education Statistics
An initiative of the NCES designed to help standardize and improve education data collection and reporting at the federal, state, and local levels; and, to assist state and local entities by providing support for education data systems.

Fast Facts (NCES): Elementary and Secondary Education

The Common Core of Data (CCD)
Annual, national statistical database from the U.S. Dept. of Education/NCES covering all public elementary and secondary schools and school districts.

K-12 Practitioners' Circle
An NCES information service aimed at local education practitioners, including teachers, administrators, parents, and others. Focus on quick facts and current topics.

Public Schools of North Carolina: Data and Statistics

N.C. School Report Cards

Subject Guide

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