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Religion 146.01: Introduction to Islamic Civilization: Bibliographies & Catalogs

Key Bibliographies

Brockelmann, Carl.
Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur.
Weimar: E. Felber, 1898-1902.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room PJ7510 .B7 1898 Check availability @ Duke
Annotated repertory of Arabic mansucripts, arranged by author and organized in a generally chronological order. For each author we are given a capsule biography, a short list of references for his life, and a bibliography of both his manuscript and printed editions.
Contents: 1. bd. Einleitung. Quellen und frühere darstellungen. 1. Buch. Die arabishe Nationallitteratur. 2. Buch. Die islâmische Litteratur in arabischer Sprache. 1898.--2. bd. 3. Buch. Der Niedergang der islâmischen Litteratur. 1902.
Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft.
Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland.
Wiesbaden, F. Steiner, 1961-
Perkins/Bostock Library Stacks Z6605.O7 V479 Check availability @ Duke
Bd. XII. Türkische Handschriften (5 Teile)
Bd. XIV. Persische Handschriften (2 Teile)
Bd. XVII, Reihe A. Materialien zur arabischen Literaturgeschichte (2 Teile)
Bd. XVII, Reihe B. Arabische Handschriften (1 Teil)
Grimwood-Jones, Diana.
Arab-Islamic bibliography.
Hassocks, England : Harvester Press, 1977.
Divinity School Library 016.90904 A658, 1977 Check availability @ Duke
Outlines the reference tools, sources, and main centers of study for the Islamic Middle East
Khalidi, Omar.
A Guide to Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu Manuscript Libraries in India
in: MELA Notes 75-76 (Fall 2002,Spring 2003)
Sezgin, Fuat.
Geschichte des arabischen Schrifttums.
Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1967-
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room DS36.85 .S494 1967 Check availability @ Duke
This works presents a broad survey of Arabic manuscripts and provides a rich philological and historical commentary for each of the fields covered down to AH 430/AD 1040.
Contents: Bd. 1. Qurʾānwissenschaften, Hadīth Geschichte, Fiqh, Dogmatik, Mystik bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 2. Poesie bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 3. Medizin, Pharmazie, Zoologie, Tierheilkunde bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 4. Alchimie, Chemie, Botanik, Agrikultur bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 5. Mathematik bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 6. Astronomie bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 7. Astrologie, Meteorologie und Verwandtes bis ca. 430 H.--Bd. 8. Lexikographie bis 430 H.--Bd. 9. Grammatik bis ca. 430 H.
Skreslet, Paula Youngman.
The literature of Islam : a guide to the primary sources in English translation .
Lanham, Maryland : Scarecrow Press, Inc. : American Theological Library Association, 2006.
Perkins/Bostock Library International & Area Studies Reading Room Z7835.M6 S585 2006 Check availability @ Duke
Contents: The Qur'an: text and translation -- The traditions: Hadith -- Exegesis of the Qur'an: tafsir -- Law and legal theory: shari'a and fiqh -- History and historiography: ta'rikh -- Philosophy: falsafa -- Theology: kalam -- Spirituality and mysticism: tasawwuf -- Appendix: anthologies.


The Qur'ân c1700.
Harar, Ethiopia: manuscript, c1700.
1 v. 33 x 22 cm.
Location: Special Collections Library Arabic MS 23
Summary: Arabic manuscript on paper, 17 lines of black ‘Eastern’ Sudani script to the page, orthography and recitation marks in black, red and green, margins ruled in black and red, illuminated frontispiece with text of Surat al-Fatiha and beginning of Surat al-Baqara within a rectangular border of white vegetal scrolls in a red and green frame, bound in contemporary Harar leather binding with stamped central medallion and corner pieces and paper doublures.
The Qur'ân c1800
Harar, Ethiopia: Manuscript, c1800.
30 v. 15.8 11.6 cm. (each volume) 12.5 x 29 x 17.6 cm. (storage case)
Location: Special Collections Library Arabic MS 24
Summary: Arabic manuscript on paper, 30 volumes, single contemporary replacement volume, each with c. 25 folios, 12 lines of black naskh script, vocalization in red and black, sura titles in red, individual verses marked with clusters of red dots, bound in burgundy leather bindings with stamped central medallion, large rectangular sewn leather storage case.