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History 222A: Maritime Predation and European Imperial Expansion in the Atlantic Basin: Books

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Finding Primary sources in the catalog

  • Go to Advanced Search in the online catalog
  • Under Subject  enter "sources," "personal narratives" or "diaries"
  • Under Keywords enter terms related to your topic 
  • Find Subject Headings related to your topic that include words such as "-diaries" or "-personal narratives"
  • Sample subject headings that are applied to primary sources (click on these in the full record to find similar items):
    • pirates --history -- sources
    • privateering -- personal narratives
    • merchant mariners -- diaries
    • navigation -- history

Search the Library Catalog

Books not at Duke

Catalog of libraries in US, Canada and beyond.

Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
A consortium of North American universities, colleges, and independent research libraries that acquires and preserves newspapers, journals, documents, archives, etc.   They can be borrowed on extended loan via Interlibrary Loan.

Search TRLN Search across the catalogs of Duke, UNC, NCSU and NCCU 

Global Books in Print  
Find books published in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.