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Duke Libraries Kindles: FAQ

Questions from Kindle Users

1. Will the Libraries purchase titles for me to download to my own Kindle?
No, alas, Amazon does not allow us to "loan" electronic copies of Kindle titles to your own device.  Please do help us build the library Kindle title collection by suggesting titles for purchase to be loaded on the Libraries' Kindles by emailing

2. I can't find a book on the Kindle that is supposed to be there--what now?
Sometimes the Kindles don't "sync"automatically to load titles as they are purchased.  Go "home," then select the MENU button.  Use the 5-WAY CONTROLLER to underline the option, then press the button.  If that doesn't work, the title may have been inexplicably archived by the device.  From the home page, press MENU, then choose VIEW ARCHIVED ITEMS. 

3. Are all the "kindle Call no" books on every kindle, or will I only see the book I used to get a "hold" on a kindle?
It depends...there are now two sets of Kindle titles in the library catalog. One set of titles for Lilly and Perkins Libraries are loaded on each of the Lilly and Perkins Kindles. A second set of titles for the Divinity School Library are loaded on each of the Divinity Kindles. Within each set, the content of all of them is identical (but see #2 above!).  You can place a hold on any Kindle title in the catalog or on a Kindle itself--either way, you will have access to all purchased titles belonging to that set.