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Genome Revolution FOCUS: Scientific Information Resources

This is an overview for the 2011 Genome Revolution Focus Group


Finding journal articles (which is where most scientific research is reported) on the genome requires thinking through what kind of information is appropriate. Do you want primary scientific literature (the reports of experiments and studies) or are scholarly over views of a topic more important (review articles)  or are news sources best (business articles on companies or processes).

Some important library resources for articles:

A database of academic references in many disciplines which includes information about citations to and  and the cited references from each  paper.

A database of academic journal references in Biology which covers the Period 1926 to the present.

The primary database of medicine- a must use

A database of academic journal references in chemistry, biomedical sciences,  engineering, materials science,  and agricultural science  which also  includes world's largest collection of organic and inorganic substance information.




Primary sources in Science are those which first report the results of experiments or discoveries- these may include  listservs, Personal communication, Laboratory Notebooks | Letters Journals | Conference Papers and Proceedings | Dissertations and Theses | Technical Reports | Patents | Biosequence Data | Journal Articles


Journal Articles are most important

    Journals are publications that are issued on a regular schedule and that present detailed reports of current research in a particular field. Some journals cover research in all areas of science and technology, while others concentrate on a narrow subject area. The importance of science journals lies in their social, archival and dissemination roles in scientific communication. All articles submitted to scholarly scientific journals are subjected to a peer review process, which helps to maintain the quality of the scientific literature.


Secondary  Sources in Science


Review Articles

A review article offers a summary and analysis of published literature on a given subject, may help narrow a research topic and inspire a new wave of ideas for searching the literature. These special articles feature extensive bibliographies, which may lead to important authors in your field of research. Study the titles of articles in the bibliographies for key works and their synonyms.  Pub Med and other databases often identify types of articles including review articles.


The Annual Reviews series are considered secondary and are well accepted in the scientific community.


Other reputable review journals:


Current Genetics


Current Opinion in Genetics & Development


Nature Reviews. Genetics


Trends in Genetics



Protocols report  research methods in cell, developmental and molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, protein science, computational biology, immunology, neuroscience and imaging.


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