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VOTING 101 What Duke Students Need to Know: Candidate Information

voter registration, NC voting, student eligibility, deadlines, polling places

Library Resources on Candidates


Useful for finding…

  • Who’s giving how much to whom (primarily from 2000 election to present)


    • Use the tabs at top for Who Gives and Who Gets or search for individual donor records from left sidebar
    • Use the Election Overview tab/ Big Picture for historical data

For information about incumbents:

Politics in America
Available online through CQ Electronic Library and in print in Perkins (covers 1945-present)
Useful for finding…

  • Descriptions of political careers and activities of current (incumbent) U.S. senators and representatives
  • Some interest group ratings, voting records, campaign financing and short pieces on the character of the member's district

Almanac of American Politics
Available online through National (1998 to present) and in print in Perkins (1972-present)
Scroll to the bottom left and select the Almanac. It is browsable but not searchable.

Useful for finding…

  • Info on representatives and senators from each state
  • Background info on political climate of each state and district

Strategy: Ratings by 11 interest groups are given for each member; the groups are described in the Guide to Usage

With thanks to Catherine Shreve

Vote Smart