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PS163: Institutions and Reforms in Rural China: Getting Started

Documentary films

Villager Documentary project: This project tries to document the process of village self-governance in China. Village self-governance is China’s important step forward towards decentralization and democratization. Done by villagers themselves, the project aims at empowering ordinary villagers through documentation through cameras, and seeing the changing realities from the perspective of the people whose lives are dependent on the villages, for better or worse. Instead of making any openly political statements, the films and photos of this project document the daily realities rural people face in China’s new village governance mechanism.

Shandong Prvince, Laizhou City, Guojiadian Township, Wangjiacun Village by villager Wang Wei

Shaanxi Province, Lantian Xian, Shijiazhai Village by villager Zhang Huancai

Hunan Province, Shimen Xian, Yuanyichang Village by villager Jia Zhitan

outskirts of Beijing, Shunyi District, Shaziying Village by villager Shao Yushen

Key Databases

Databases in English language:

Bibliography of Asian Studies is the main English language database on Asian Studies. You can often combine your search on it with the following:

See also: Find Databases by Subject

Databases in Chinese language:

  • China academic journals (中国知网): covers the majority of academic journals published in the PRC.
  • Duxiu (读秀): indexes more than 2.3 million digitized books published in PRC, half of them are available full text.
  • Ren min ri bao = People's Daily (人民日报) : provides full text and original image of this daily newspaper from 1946 to current.

    Find Books in the Catalog on Your Topic

    Search Duke University Catalog & TRLN for books. The following are some sugested subject keywords:

    • China
    • Education, rual China
    • Elections
    • Financial institutions
    • Government policy
    • Health care reform
    • Informal sector
    • Law
    • Local elections--China
    • Local government--China.
    • Petition
    • Public welfare
    • Rural health
    • Rural health services
    • Rural conditions
    • Rural development
    • Social institutions
    • Villages
    • Village communities

    Selected titles:

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    Selected websites

    China Leadership Monitor offers authoritative assessments of trends in Chinese leadership politics and policy. you’ll find articles from the current issue as well as an archive of back issues, and subscription information.

    China Politics Links : a site by Prof. William A. Joseph, Department of Political Science, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, US  

    China village democracy skin deep by Tim Luard

    Elections in the People's Republic of China   

    Human Rights Watch

    Village Elections: Training Ground for Democratization by Jamie Horsley

    中国选举与治理网Established by The Carter Center and the Research Center on Chinese Local Governance at Beijing University