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CAN 150.01: North America: Our Neighbors, Our future: Getting Started

Background Information



Country Reports

Government Information

  • Lexis Nexis Congressional
    Best source for U.S. Congressional hearings and reports.
  • MarciveWeb
    Index to publications of all U.S. government agencies.
  • CQ Electronic Library
  • LANIC (Latin American Network Information Center) 
    Organized by country, theme and discipline.  Several special projects are included such as Latin American Government Documents Archive (LAGDA), and the Latin American Open Archives Portal (LAOAP) which provides access to conference proceedings, unpublished reports, and similar “grey  literature”.
  • Government of Canada Publications
    Canadian government website with many full text publications.

Find Books

Your Librarian

Carson Holloway
Librarian for Military History, History of Science and Technology, Britain, Ireland and Commonwealth

Perkins and Lilly Libraries



Organizing references

Ref Works

RefWorks is a web-based research management, writing and collaboration tool.

Want to learn more? Check out RefWork's online help, or register for a RefWorks class.