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Resources for Music Graduate Students: Useful to know

Here to help you!

Music Library

Duke University Music Library

Visit our website to find:

  • Specialized search interfaces for music
  • A link to Reserves for your classes
  • An ongoing exhibit of new books, CDs, scores, and DVDs
  • Links to music databases and websites


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Laura, Sarah, Nate are here to help with any questions you have!

Laura Williams, Music Librarian

(919) 660-5952  ♫

Ask me about

  • Researching music
  • Searching databases, such as Oxford Music Online
  • New order requests
  • What's new in our collections
  • Library Instruction services


Sarah Griffin, Fines, Facilities and Reserves Coordinator

(919) 660-6937  ♫

Ask me about

  • Your library fines
  • Reserving a room
  • Placing materials on Reserve
  • InterLibrary Loans (ILLs)
  • Keeping up with Music Library news


Nathaniel Brown, Student Supervisor and Stacks Manager

(919) 660-5954  ♫

Ask me about

  • Getting a student job in the Music Library
  • Searching for missing books
  • Requesting books from other libraries at Duke

Advanced Search Tips

Note: Advance slides forward and backward with arrows. Click on  to expand to full screen.

Review the slides above to learn how to: 

  • Brainstorm your topic and break it into specific terms and concepts to use in library databases
  • How to search more effectively in library databases
  • How to refine your search using advanced search techniques


Special Equipment and Resources

  • Macs with music software such as Finale and Sibelius
  • A/V equipment, including players for LPs, DVDs, VHS, and Laserdiscs
  • Headphones available to check out
  • Scanners
  • Eprint station for printing from a library computer or your own computer. 
  • Photocopier--this machine can also do color photocopying and printing.
  • Library Seminar Room.  This room can be reserved for graduate student presentations, exams, events, meetings, etc. through Sarah and Laura.  Please feel free to use the room for studying whenever it's free.
  • Group Study Room.  This room can be used anytime it's free.  This and many other Duke Libraries spaces can also be reserved online through the Library Room Reservation system.

Resources at Duke and Beyond


Campus Libraries

In addition to the Music Library, there are other libraries on the Duke campus that will likely be useful to you.  For example, nearby Lilly Library is where you'll find the art books and a huge collection of videos to check out, Perkins/Bostock on West Campus contains the libraries general collections, and the Divinity School Library next to the Chapel is also full of monographs and some scores, hymnals, etc. that you will need at times as well.  When you find an item in the library catalog that is in one of our other libraries, you can request that it be delivered to the Music Library by clicking the green Request button next to an item in the library catalog.: 


The Library Service Center is Duke Libraries' offsite storage.  You can request items from the LSC through the catalog using the green Request button.  Items requested from the LSC usually arrive within 24 hours, sometimes the same day.


Reserves for your classes are listed online on the Music Library website


The Triangle Research Libraries Network is the consortium of research libraries close to Duke.

  • TRLN includes the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with its distinguished music library, NC State University, and NC Central University. 
  • You have borrowing privileges at all of these libraries. 
  • There is a TRLN interface available from our catalog where you can search all of the library catalogs simultaneously.  You can request books by clicking on the green Request button.  Books are usually delivered within 2-3 days.
  • You can also visit the library with your Duke card in hand.  The Robertson Scholars' bus connects the Duke and UNC campuses, making visits to UNC easy.


Interlibrary Loan considerably expands the number of resources available to you by providing books, microfilms, and pdfs of articles from other libraries. 

  • Article Delivery: Using the ILL form, you can request a pdf of an article in a print journal at the LSC (our offsite storage) or an article from a journal not at Duke.  Our Ill Department will contact other libraries to find a copy of the article for you.
  • CDs and DVDs are rarely loaned by libraries, so it's best to request that we purchase these for you or see if we have the recording available through our streaming databases.  
  • You are more likely to get the specific edition of a score you need if you search WorldCat and provide the OCLC Number that is listed there to specify this item.


WorldCat is a giant database that reflects library holdings throughout the United States and many other major libraries around the world.  It is a good place to look for a range of resources that you can request through ILL.

Citing Sources

Citation management tools help you to efficiently gather citations for the sources you use in one place and to generate a bibliography at the end of your project. 

Citation Management Tools