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AMES 184: Topics in Modern Chinese: Chinese Short Stories 中文短篇小说

Looking for a writer / 找作者?

The following sources can offer some help on finding a Chinese writer for your assignment:

Literature dictionaries:


In Duke University Catalog  using "short stories" and limit to Chinese language in the advanced search

    Looking for Criticism / 找评论?

    The following databases offer articles on the writers and/or their works:

    Internet Resources

    English Language Reference Titles on Chinese History and Culture

    Looking for a short story / 找短篇小说

    If you have chosen your writer and are looking for this writer's work, search that writer in the following three catalogs 

    Duke University Catalog & TRLN & Worldcat

    How to search Chinese languague materials in the two catalogs:

    • Use Pinyin to find Chinese-language materials.

    • How to search the catalog with Pinyin?
      In general, enter the Pinyin for each Chinese character with a space. However, there are certain situations where you need to join syllables, examples:
      Person Names
      • 毛泽东
      • 无名氏
      • 尼克森
      • Mao Zedong
      • Wumingshi
      • Nikesen
      Place Names
      • 扬子江
      • 广州市
      • 广西壮族自治区
      • Yangzi Jiang
      • Guangzhou Shi
      • Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu
    • Konw Wade-Giles or Zhuyin, refer to the Wade-Giles to Zhuyin to Pinyin Conversion Table.
    • Location of Chinese language materials in Bostock library

    Web Resources

    Online dictionaries:

    • CJKV-English Dictionary: A standard Chinese character/compound dictionary with a classical emphasis; it is in a state of ongoing development
    • Chinese Characters Dictionary Web : combination of several online dictionaries serving multiple purposes.
    • MandarinSpot: Chinese-English/English-Chinese Dictionary and an Annotation tool for clips of Chinese text and whole Web sites.
    • Nciku: a Chinese-English and English-Chinese online dictionary aimed at English speakers who are learning Chinese.
    • MDBG Dictionary: a Chinese –English online dictionary only, you can search for phrases besides single characters.

    Recommended Chinese websites:

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    Citing sources

    Check out these sites for tips on citing sources:

    Citation Managers: