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The Photo Postcard Image Collection of Cononial Korea: Getting Started


The photo postcards image collection of Busan & Saga museum is an an archive of about 9,000 digitized postcards of modern Korea from 1910 to 1945, originally printed during the Japanese colonial period. The collection consists of Korean city views, historic sites, natural landscape, Korean customes and people, and so on. It is also available as 8-volume set in book format.

Photo Postcard Image

The looks of modern Korea from postcards: Busan Museum Collection

사진엽서로 보는 근대 풍경 = The looks of modern Korea from postcards
DS902.4 .S365 2009 8 volumes
1. 도시: 경성

2. 도시: 부산, 평양, 내륙도시, 항구도시

3. 도시/관광: 항구도시 / 금강산

4. 관광: 금강산, 경성

5. 관광: 평양, 경주, 부산

6. 관광/풍속: 부산, 온천, 남선, 북선 / 놀이, 의례와 신창, 여성노동

7. 풍속/조선인: 여성노동, 생업, 시장, 마을과 생활 / 기생

8. 조선인/관제엽서: 기성, 여성과 아이, 남성과 가족 / 관제, 박람회 및 박물관, 군대 및 기타

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