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Collective Subscription of Korean e-resources: About

What is the Collective Subscription of Korean e-resources?

In an effort to make the highly requested e-resources affordable to overseas libraries, the Subcommittee on Korean Studies E-Resources negotiates with Korean e-resource vendors for group subscription prices , which are much lower than the vendor's list prices. Also, the Korea Foundation provides a grant program to eligible universities to offset the user/subscription fees that are required to access online Korean Studies e-resources.

For detailed information on subscriptions and grant application procedures, please contact each vendor, the Korea Foundation, or the Subcommittee on Korean Studies E-Resources.

Subcommittee on Korean Studies E-Resources

Current Members (Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2017)

Hyoungbae Lee (Princeton, Chair)  

Mikyung Kang (Harvard)  

Sanghun Cho (UCLA)