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International Data Sources: Databases

Selected sources for non-USA statistical data

Selected International Data/Statistics Databases

International Financial Statistics (IFS)
The IFS provides statistics on all aspects of international domestic finance. Time series data covers over 200 countries and areas from 1948 onwards. The web service includes all the series appearing on the IFS country pages, exchange rate series for all Fund member countries (plus Aruba and the Netherland Antilles), major Fund account series, and most other world, area, and country series from the IFS world tables. Files may be downloaded in Excel (.xls), HTML, and ASCII (csv and tab delimited) formats.

IPUMS International
IPUMS-International is a project dedicated to collecting and distributing census data from around the world. Currently the collection encompasses twenty-six countries and eighty censuses.

Russia/CIS Statistical Publications (UDB Stat)
This database contains electronic versions of publications from the major Russian statistics agency Goskomstat Rossii and its regional statistics agencies, Statkomitet SNG, and statistical agencies of the former Soviet Union (statistical yearbooks, monthly analytical reports, regional statistical information, and annual statistical abstracts). Currently some materials are available beginning 1990. 2002 Russian Census information is also available. Among other planned additions to this database are retrospective periodical content from 1990, regional and urban-level data, the 1989 USSR Census, election results, and mortality statistics.

Provides the full text (in PDF format) of all journals and books published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) since 1998. The statistical section of the OECD portal includes the OECD Statistical Compendium, Main Economic Indicators, and a wide variety of other statistics. Selected indicators include: agriculture, banking, education, development, direct investment, employment, globalization, health, industry, insurance, migration,national accounts, revenue, science, services, social expenditure, technology, telecommunications, and trade.

UN Comtrade (Commodity Trade Statistics Database)
Comtrade provides the latest trade data for over 130 countries. The database includes indicators that measure the value of trade (and quantity when available) for a wide variety of international commodities. All values are expressed in US dollars.

World Development Indicators (WDI)
The World Development Indicators (WDI) provides convenient access to a wide range of economic, environment, health, political, and social indicators in 226 countries. Time series data is available for many indicators from 1960 onwards. In addition to the wide range of global statistics, the WDI provides convenient data extraction tools that allow data access in Microsoft Excel and other statistical packages.

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