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GULag: Websites

Online Exhibits

  • Memorial (International Historical-Elightenment Human Rights and Humanitarian Society)
    Russian version of the site includes description of Memorial's photo-, video-, and archival collections, a preview of the electronic biographical archive of victims of state terrorism, and an illustrated brochure with color images of primary sources from the "Archive of the History of Political Repression in the USSR, 1918-1956." Includes above interactive map
  • GULAG: Many Days, Many Lives and GULAG: Soviet Forced Labor Camps and the Struggle for Freedom (Center for History and New Media, George Mason University)
    Two online exhibits presenting an in-depth look at life in the Soviet system of forced labor concentration camps from 1917 to 1988 through original documentaries and prisoner voices; an archive filled with documents and images; teaching and bibliographic resources that encourage further study.
  • Gulag: Forced Labor Camps (Open Society Archives)
    On-line exhibition highlihting the Open Society Archives' hodings related to the Gulag and other forced labor camps.  Includes black-and-white photographs of camp life by Tomasz Kizny.
  • The Gulag Collection: Paintings of Nikolai Getman (Jamestown Foundation)
    Online exhibit of paintings of the Soviet penal system by former prisoner.  Includes introductory essay by Robert Conquest, which served as the introduction to the book, originally published in 2001.
  • Gulag Museum at Perm-36 (International Coalition of Sites of Conscience)
    Online exhibit of a camp-turned-museum dedicated to promoting democratic values and civil consciousness in contemporary Russian society through the preservation of the last Soviet political camp as a vivid reminder of repression, and an important historical and cultural monument.
  • Virtual Gulag Museum (St.Petersburg Research and Information Centre "Memorial")
    A web portal to the holdings of hundreds of “Museums of the Gulag” – state, departmental, school, public and private museums that are working on exhibitions or collections on the theme of political repression in the Soviet Union, on the history of the Gulag and the history of resistance movements.  Includes color photographs of some of the holdings in individual museum collections.
  • Gulag prisoners at work, 1936-1937 (NYPL Digital Gallery)
    Online exhibit of 26 black-and-white photos from the NYPL's digital collection "Russia and Eastern Europe in Rare Photographs, 1860-1945"
  • The Stalin Project (National Endowment for the Humanities and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District)
    An interactive web site devoted to Stalinism, including the GULAG.  Search by topic for "Prisons" , "Prisoners", "Kolyma", "Solovki", "White Sea Canal."
  • The White Crematorium (Jens Alstrup)
    An online exhibit about the Kolyma concentration camp created by a self-taught Danish historian of the GULag who visited Magadan and interviewed and photographed the survivors.  Includes Alstrup's color photos of Kolyma in the 1990s.




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