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EDUC 111FS: Education as Social Justice: Getting Started

Getting started & wrapping up

Which area(s) of reform are you interested in exploring for this annotated bibliography?  Click the link below, and enter the topics you're interested in pursuing.

Now, let's turn these topics into research-able questions.  Again, click the link below, and enter a question related to this topic you're interested in answering this semester. 

Research process

You may assemble evidence for your research papers by using a variety of search tools.  Consider following these steps:

  • search for books and background reference material by using the library's catalog
  • find articles from scholarly journals and popular media by using specialized databases
  • locate statistics on your issue
  • generate your own research and observations from Central Park School (then use books and articles to support your observations)

Citing sources & writing annotations / literature reviews

Use APA style for your projects.

Check out these sites for tips on citing sources:

Check out these samples and tips for writing annotated bibliographies

Check out these samples and tips for writing literature reviews

To organize your research and produce a bibliography and in-text citations, create a free account in RefWorks

Subject Guide

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