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EDUC 290S: Latinas/os (Re)claiming their Educacion and Education: Getting Started

Brainstorming search terms

What search terms will you use to find information related to your research questions? 

Class reflection

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Research process

You may assemble evidence for your issues papers by using a variety of search tools.  Consider following these steps:

  • search for books and background reference material by using the library's catalog
  • find articles from scholarly journals and popular media by using specialized databases
  • locate data and statistics on your issue
  • generate your own research and observations from your experiences (e.g. tutoring through other classes, volunteer work, personal educational experience)

Finding books & media

The library catalog lets you search for books, journals, DVDs, music, and research materials that are available in the Duke University Libraries.

When you know exactly what you want:

  • Search the library catalog by title or author of the work (Ex. Mccann, Colum).
  • Use the catalog's advanced search for the most precise searching.

When you are starting a search on a new topic:

  • Use the default keyword search to see what books we have on a particular topic (Ex. civil war).
  • Click on relevant suggested subjects for more focused search results (Ex. united states - history - civil war, 1861-1865).

Looking for even more tips and tricks?  Check out this guide to locating and requesting books and ebooks.

Citing sources

Research and Documentation Online *Includes sample papers in APA format

Create a free account in RefWorks or Endnote to manage your citations.

Meet your librarian

Emily Daly
229 Perkins Library