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Writing 101: The Drug War and Social Movements in the Americas

This guide is for Dr. Mara Kaufman's Writing 101 class, Spring 2016

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Using This Guide

This research guide provides links to resources that might help you with your group research project. If you have questions or want to meet up for a more in-depth consultation, please contact me at, or use the "Schedule Appointment" link in my box on the left.

First Thing to Know - There is no "Perfect Source"

This short video explains that when you start your research, you need to remember that there probably isn't going to be a perfect source that directly addresses all parts of your topic. However, that doesn't mean you won't be able to find what you need! You may just need to adjust your search strategy.

Background Research - Websites & Reports

Before you get too involved with your research, it might help to read an overview of your topic to get more familiar with it. Here are examples of some websites & reports that might help with your background research. Before using or citing a source for your assignment, though, make sure it is something you are allowed to use.