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ENGLISH 386K: Science Fiction: Getting Started

Research guide for Dr. Katherine Hayles' DKU course, fall 2015

Science Fiction Ebooks

DKU Library has many ebooks about science fiction.  Click here for some of our non-fiction titles and click here for some fiction titles.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Peer-reviewed Articles

The "Articles" search on the DKU Library homepage, is a good place to begin a search for articles written by or about your symposium speaker. 

Tip: If you put the name in quotation marks in the search box, the name will be searched as a phrase.

Tip: You may have more relevant results if you include "science fiction" or the title of one of their books with your speaker's name.

DKU Science Fiction Symposium

Stanley Chen

Bao Shu

Xia Jia

Petrus Liu

Wu Yan

Anna Greenspan

Kate Hayles

Carlos Rojas

Online Science Fiction Encyclopedias

Chinese Resources

Your DKU Librarian

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Background: Chinese Literature

Databases may offer articles on the writers and/or their works:

Internet Resources

Reference Titles on Chinese History and Culture