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Course Librarian Talk : Getting Started

AFAS Session: Research and Scholarship in African American Studies and Librarianship

What is a Course Librarian?

What is a Course Librarian

Let’s start with what it’s not:

It’s not a TA for the class

It’s not a one-shot library instruction session

It is a boots on the ground, in this case in the classroom, program conducted to answer a particular set of questions.

How can I partner with my faculty?

How can I better assist teaching and learning (in the classroom)?

How can I engage with patrons outside of the library?

How Did I Get There?

In 2011, the Duke University Libraries Collection and Users Services Council approved the policy submitted by Task Force on Subject Librarian Re-visioning  entitled: Engaging with Library Users: Sharpening Our Vision as Subject Librarians for the Duke University Libraries.

"This document is an effort by the Collections and User Services Council (CUSC) to articulate the changing role of the subject specialist and to help subject librarians define their evolving responsibilities. It is based on the pioneering work done at the University of Minnesota Libraries, whose Librarian Position Description Framework served as the inspiration for our re-visioning of subject librarian roles; we note in particular their shift from a collection-centered to an engagement- centered model."