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AMES 232S.01: Chinese Literature in Translation: Chinese Literature

Looking For an Author's Work

Search in Duke University Catalog & TRLN & Worldcat by name (for example: Lu, Xun) or by title (for example: Call to Arms)


Authors from Taiwan often have their names spelt in Wade-Giles in stead of Pinyin, and you'll need to search in Pinyin in order to find all their works. For example:

  • Pai Hsien-yung(Wade); Bai, Xianyong(Pinyin) 白先勇

Here's a conversion table to help you find Pinyin for Wade-Giles: Wade-Giles to Zhuyin to Pinyin Conversion Table.

Authors from Hong Kong often have their names spelt in Wade-Giles in Cantonese pronunciation, and Pinyin; they often have English names, making it challenging to search. For example"

  • Lillian Lee(English name); Pik Wah Li(Cantonese pronunciation); Li, Bihua(Pinyin) 李碧華(traditional Chinese)

There's no simple way to find a Hong Kong author's name in Pinyin, please consult with the librarian if you need help.

There may be different translation titles for a fiction, the best way to find all translations is to search the title in Pinyin:

  • Ah Q: True Story of Ah-Q / Real Story of Ah-Q 阿Q正传

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