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Religion Data and Statistics: Maps and GIS


Map congregations and demographics using 2009 data on congregations and 2007 census data.
Enter a zip code or city/state [e.g. Seattle, WA] for a map:

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Mapping and Statistical Tools

These resources have additional data that may be able to be manipulated, such as statistic files and GIS mapping utilities.

Data & GIS @ Duke

The Data & GIS services department in Perkins library has staff and computing resources to address any of your data needs.

Data & GIS website

Joel Herndon
Head, Data and GIS Services
(Second Floor Perkins 227)

Mark Thomas
Economics/GIS Librarian
Location: Room 233 Perkins

Computing resources: 
8 64 bit machines running windows 7 with Matlab, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, ArcGIS, Google Earth Pro, Nvivo
3 Bloomberg Financial Workstations