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rDNA (fka as RECAP): Provides advice and analysis related to the biotechnology market. Areas covered include: company lists, revenue data, clinical trial information, and corporate valuations.

EMT Database: a market intelligence tool designed to help users identify trends and opportunities in emerging medical technology companies.

Frost & Sullivan: provides market research reports and data on a wide variety of industries and technologies. It has an especially strong focus on the health care, pharmaceutical, and medical device markets. Duke students must use the walk-in user ID and password from the Ford Library's circulation desk.

BCC Research: BCC's market research reports explore major economic, scientific, and technological developments in industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology organizations. Duke's subscribed report categories are: Biotechnology, Energy & Resources, Environment, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Information Technology. Click the "My Categories" link after connecting to browse reports.

MarketLine Advantage: Contains full text market research reports focusing on companies and broad industry sectors: consumer goods, energy, finance, healthcare, and technology. Market analysis and forecasting looks at major issues and threats for each sector with analytical commentary and data.

Business Monitor International: international research report archive of BMI research on 175 countries expanding at over 7,600 economic/political country reports and 2,120 industry sector reports each year.

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