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Foreign Language Learning: Hebrew


Babylon Online Hebrew Dictionary English Hebrew dictionary

Morfix Online Hebrew Dictionary

English Hebrew dictionary

English Hebrew dictionary


The historical dictionary of the Hebrew language (Duke only)

English-Hebrew Dictionaries at Duke Libraries

English - Hebrew Dictionaries

Hebrew Dictionaries at Duke Libraries

ha-Milon he-ḥadash (Avraham Even-Shoshan)

Milon ha-lashon ha-ʻivrit (Eliezer Ben-Yehuda)


Hebrew Writing Resources

Grammar Guides and Language Lessons

Transparent Language Online  (Duke only) Online program for learning Hebrew

FoundationStone Online Hebrew Tutorial   Hebrew Language Resources (Jacob Richman) Learn Hebrew Resources (Jacob Richman) - some free lessons and a dictionary

Learn Hebrew Verbs Grammar reference tool for 355 common verbs. Hebrew Pronunciation Audio clips of native speakers pronouncing 3000+ Hebrew words.

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