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Political Science Honors Seminar: Getting Started


Subject Guide

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Other Subject Librarians

List of Subject Librarians

See also the research guides created by librarians, with starting points, suggested databases, links, etc.

Research on a new level

As an Honors student, you will learn to explore more broadly and simultaneously to dig deeper. Use the resources throughout this guide to get started. Click on the links, read the annotations, try some searches. Be thorough and diligent. Then ask questions:

What's missing from the puzzle? What kinds of information do I need? Which index terms are likely to be used in this source?

Related Subject Guides:

Political Science

International & Transnational Relations
Resources for IR, country background, state and non-state actors, statistics, and primary sources.

Non-governmental Organizations
Interactive guide with links to hundreds of NGOs, and resources for further research. See esp. the NGO database.

Political Analysis for Public Policy
Resources for policy memos and PUBPOL 114/ POLSCI 145

Legislative Process
Starts with a flow-chart overview, then identifies each step and the documents associated with it.


Literature Review

Identify top journals in a field

Journal Citation Reports
Rank journals in a field by number of times cited, impact factor, and other scores.
Choose Social Sciences, by Subject, to start.
Click Help, then Index (top right) to look up definitions of the scores.

Multidisciplinary databases for broad coverage

Web of Science (includes Social Sciences)
use to identify seminal articles by the number of times they've been cited

Academic OneFile

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences


Discipline-specific databases

Find Databases by Subject with the link at the Databases tab; choose Social Sciences, then sub-categories.

Political Science Complete--covers political science and public policy journals

CIAO--International Relations

PAIS--Public Policy

How to Find Dissertations & Theses