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Low Maintenance Book Club

Who We Are

The Low Maintenance Book Club provides space for members of the Duke community to connect over reading.  Realizing how busy people are (and how much reading you probably have to do for classwork and research), we focus on quick reads.  We will read texts like short stories, graphic novels, interesting short essays, poetry, etc.  We hope you will join us for some fun and thought provoking conversations!

Upcoming Discussions

Our next book club will be on October 24th at 6:00pm in The Lounge @ The Edge.  We will be reading several stories from James Tiptree Jr.'s Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.  You can find several copies of this book at our libraries.  We also have a copy on Reserve at the Perkins Library Service desk, where it can be checked out for 72 hours.  It should be under the author's last name. Durham County Library has a copy.  This collection contains 18 stories.  Tiptree's fiction reflects the darkly complex world its author inhabited: exploring the alien among us; the unreliability of perception; love, sex, and death; and humanity's place in a vast, cold universe.

We will be reading these three stories for our book club: "The Screwfly Solution", "The Girl who was Plugged in" and "And so on and so on."