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Writing Conscience: Virtue and Voice: Subject Encyclopedias

This libguide will provide essential tips on how to search for sources as you compile your bibliography and work on your final research essay for your Writing 20 course, "Writing Conscience."

Begin with Big Picture

"A Philosopher giving a Lecture on the Orrery in which a lamp is put in place of the Sun"
Joseph Wright of Derby ca. 1766

A source of conscience?

Conscience released?

Burial of Lord Orgaz, El Greco

Subject Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Religion premier scholarly encyclopedia of the scientific study of human religious behavior

Oxford Reference Online you can search a federated Oxford online publication environment, on topics such as literature, religion, and history; ie, check out The Concise Oxford English Dictionary (OED) under dictionaries and thesauri, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation under religion and philosophy, or the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms under literature

Rutledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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